About the Wanganui Aeromodellers club

According to a historic booklet issued for the 60th anniversary in 1989, the club was formed in 1929. It was started by W.T. Eaton and originally included model engineers with interests in locomotives as well as aircraft.  Models were built of pine, redwood, tissue paper and casein glue, and flew from the Gonville Domain. We now fly from a designated area at Wanganui airport, under the rules and regulations of modelflying New Zealand, CAA and with support of the airport manager.

Today we are a club of approximately 24 members, flying fixed wing, helicopters, multirotors, drones, SPAD's (simple plastic aircraft design). Traditionally models today are built mainly from balsa wood, plywood & extruded foam. 

We still have members who build  the traditional scale models from scratch, or models  bought as an ARF kits ( almost ready to fly ).

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                   FLYING DAYS
We fly most weekends, when flying conditions are suitable ( fine and relatively calm )
SATURDAYS     BETWEEN    12.30   AND    3PM
SUNDAYS         BETWEEN      9.30   AND    NOON 
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