Home built Multirotor

The latest revalation to come along to the model flying stable. Very stable in flight, easier to fly than a conventional helicopter, and coupled with FPV ( first person view ) gear, give the operator a truly unique experience. We definetly need more club members interested in this field, as it would allow us to field some great competition in obstacle racing. Click on the ROTORCROSS link to view footage of some pretty advanced multirotor flying taken from an event here in New Zealand.

   Unfortunately, Multirotors appaer to be getting some attention in the media of late. They are an RC aircraft, just like conventional fixed wing planes, therefore must be flown under the same rules and regulations,  It dosn't matter if you are in your backyard and fly 20 feet high or 200 feet high, you must be registered as a competent flyer with MFNZ.  

(FPV) Racing Multirotor

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                   FLYING DAYS
We fly most weekends, when flying conditions are suitable ( fine and relatively calm )
SATURDAYS     BETWEEN    12.30   AND    3PM
SUNDAYS         BETWEEN      9.30   AND    NOON 
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